Sunday, April 13, 2008

Part of my mind is made up

So this is how the day started, staring at this thing trying to figure out what to do.
Between last night and this morning I made a small step as I figured out I won't be racing single speed in WORS or for the fat tire 40, so what will that mean?
It means the Ferrous gets it first set of gears in two years. X9 all the way around, I really wanted to go with the XO but I do have diapers to buy. So the only thing left is the front derailer,
I am going to have to order one as our shop has none and none of the local shops have one either.
I also upgraded the saddle,pedals and bar ends.
So as it sits right now it will be a 2x9 ridged ass kicker(my ass).
All thats left then is the cables and the front derailer.
See Yaaaa........................


sugs said...

Gears...what a waste of a perfectly good steel frame!

Russell said...

Lemme know how much cooler those new pedals look when you're pushin' it up the first hill.

old 'n slow said...

Check out the team blog site.


Anonymous said...

I am done with this boring rag. I will be spending my time at the Tool Shed.