Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Thats right 1lbs from my first goal of 210, yep thats right 31lbs. The diet has been working and the food has been great, haven't cheated once and I think thats the goal. Last week was a full week of riding, yep seven days straight every day. Then we come to this week and I haven't got a ride in yet.
Work have been a load this week and next week will be the same but I hope to get out tomorrow and Friday.
Got the power tap back and holy shit, they replaced everything even the head units and wiring harness, what a great company. So I will hopefully have a update on that in the next few days.
Short post today but its better then Bubba just cutting and pasting some ones else's stuff on his blog.(After awhile I was starting to think that picture was Bubba)

SEE YAAAAAAAAAAAA.............................

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sugs said...

Way to go Fat Ass...just thought I'd get the jump on Russell! Your half way to my weight, 31 more pounds and you're there...not that that's good or anything. Hmmm, maybe I should try riding my bike sometime.