Thursday, December 06, 2007

It been awhile

Well its been awhile I know but I really haven't had much to say(ya I know Randy with not much to say) The shoulder is doing better, still hurts if I push it to hard like shoveling snow. I should be able to get on the bike after Christmas and that will be the real test.
The last two weeks have been pushing me right to the edge. At work we found out we have to upgrade 18 sites by the 21st, thats like almost imposable but it has to get done or lose the hole account.
So next week it will be work from 11pm to 11am and then to the office for more work then home for sleep.Not the best thing right before Christmas but oh well.
Last weekend was spent in Madison doing a ski swap with the Timms.Everything was great on friday night, got all our stuff unloaded and off to dinner with Osiff from Trek and his wife. After the 7:30am wake up my head told me I drank a little to much. Swap went well and then the snow started. It came down fast but it seems the local government didn't see it from their windows from the capital because they never did any clean up till like 3am. driving was a bitch and parking was even worse, people just parked any way they like.Well it is Madison.
So Sunday was slow because of the snow and we never got checked out till 11:30pm(it took for ever).
This week at work pretty much the same as last getting ready for the week of death and shoveling more snow. Tess 's birthday party is this weekend , I can't believe she is a year old. Where did that year go? It all started with the scare of our life when they had to deliver her 8 weeks early at only 3lbs 14oz and now shes a year old, WOW what a year..
Ok now I feel like MTBgirl and her rant.
Enough for now maybe I'll type more later.
SEE YAAA.....................................

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