Monday, July 23, 2007

Wow it been a long time

Yes I know its been awhile but what ever.
Had a great weekend for a change, Sat. started buy getting up and playing with Tess and getting stuff ready to head out to the ridge to help out with the WEMs race, had a tag-a-long as I asked Greg to come with and of course he said yes.
we got to the ridge, set up some stuff and went for a lap to check the course to see if all the tape was still up. You would think as much as I have ridden out there I could have a better ride but with some of the trails being run in reverse it was like it was all new. Came back, ate some food relaxed and had some fun. Waited for the 30 mile to start and went for lap two, a much better lap and things were flowing better. Hit craters and we let three riders go by but passed them on the hill. That hill seems a lot more easy on the single then with the gears. We got to the top and pulled over to see how the three we passed were doing and then hooked on and finished the lap.
It was a good time to just go ride and have fun after not really race.
Things at home have been great, Tess is getting so big and things like crawling are going to be ant day now, she has already said Dada and Mama plus Baba so things are going well.
Well goto go

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sugs said...

Give her some time...most of us didn't perfect crawling until our early twenties while trying to get out of the bar and into our cars to drive home.