Saturday, June 23, 2007

Solstice Ride

****sorry about the picture, camera phone at night****
Good ride small group, The Tool, Bubba, Jamie and my slow ass. At the end it was like 40 miles and I know I'll feel it tomorrow.It was a good time I'm glad I went.
I felt great in the flats but the hills were for shit, I never ran out of energy but the power just was no were to be found.The ice cream break was a nice touch, Thanks Russel and that made the ride home that much better.
Well I hope that was the good old ass kicking I needed to get back on the bike, we'll see.
O by the way I did ride the new road bike and it was bar none the best riding bike I've ever had.

See Yaaaaaaaaa


bubba said...

Dude was huallinnn'.

sugs said...

When I use to ride bicycles 40 miles was like walking to the fridge. This buy/sell crappy houses shit is the death of sugs...a painfully long, slow, torturous death at that!

One good thing, at the new place there's plenty of overgrowth to cut down and burn in the fire pit on Saturday nights. Please stop out after 7:30 PM on a Saturday to enjoy. By the way beer makes a great house warming gift when you come and I'll even let you drink one.

sugs said...

Randalloyd...I'm not sure which pic I'm more tired of seeing...your & mine or Russells, I believe it's yours & mine, change it!