Tuesday, July 31, 2007

24-9 and the shit goes SNAP!

Went up to Wausau on Friday morning with Greg Parker and got a good spot for the team and got everything set up. went out and did a lap around 4pm and blew up, never even got to the second side of the trail, it was a problem I have never really had before and let me say I DON"T like it. Got back to camp and tried to eat and get my body ready for Saturday.
The rest of the team came up Saturday morning and we sent John off first and he had a great start.

Everything went well, Jim got a flat (no way) then it was my turn, and to my surprise it was OK,
I did some changes to the bike sat. like put the REBA back on and changed the gear and it seemed OK.
I like to do the night laps so I got skipped on the next go round so I would run the lap in the dark. So I set up the new lights and waited for it to get dark.I love riding the night lap, the hole course seems to be different and it seems to flow much better.
So Mike G. comes in and off I go, click on the new HID's and its like day light, WOW those things are bright. Roll though the hole first section and things are going great and this lap is way better then my first. I hit red bud road and I get passed by Nate and I grab a wheel, pedal as hard as I can and now it really feels like I'm HAULIN. Legs are burning and I can't hold on any longer Nate pulls away right before the rocks and I get stuck behind to guys walking with no lights.
Hit the cross over at red bud and I'm in the home stretch and feeling good. I see the lights and give it all I have left, 5min off my first lap , well that's good .
Get back to camp get cleaned up and eat only to find out we ended up 4th .........
Oh well it was fun, the bike was making some funny noises in the last 5 miles but I really never thought of it as my mind was on getting everything backed up so I could roll out early to get home.
So yesterday I pull the bike out of the van to give her a bath and something looks weird, the seat post looks bent, that can't be it's carbon. No it's not the seat post it's the frame, no not bent cracked. Shit, I can't even get the post out, well now I know what the noise was.
So today I will drop the frame off at the shop and see what they can do, I wasn't going to race the ridge this weekend anyway but I was going to head out there on Saturday and do a lap or two.
O well
See Yaa..........................


mountaingoat said...

Wait, you like to do night laps? When did you get over that phobia? We were all laughing at you Friday night when you were whining about how scary the night laps are. "you see things out there that aren't really there" You sounded like a pussy. Oh, and nice job picking Contador to lose the TT. Wrong again...

Spinninmud said...

Have you been eating to many peanut butter cups? First of all we were talking about last year at 24-9 and all the stuff in the woods and how freaky it was,second, were you watching a different Tour then the rest of us? Because Contador did lose the time trail. Maybe you need to watch the video again,I don't want to ruin it for you but, it was Levi that got first.
1 111 Levi LEIPHEIMER USA DSC 1h02'44.000'' 00.000''
2 041 Cadel EVANS AUS PRL 1h03'35.000'' 51.000''
3 015 Vladimir KARPETS RUS GCE 1h04'40.000'' 1'56.000''
4 118 Yaroslav POPOVYCH UKR DSC 1h04'45.000'' 2'01.000''
5 112 Alberto CONTADOR ESP DSC 1h05'02.000'' 2'18.00

Just wanted you to see what you missed.

mountaingoat said...

You still sounded like a pussy. Big cartoon cutouts scared you? Wow. Well, you are Randy after all, I shouldn't be surprised.

Spinninmud said...

Wow, I see your time off has improved you disposition.Maybe you should try some midol and maybe yours won't hurt so much.

Mitch Man said...

Midol dosn't work....I've try it.

mountaingoat said...

Oh, were you still flapping you gums? Sorry, wasn't paying attention, sort of like everyone else around you.

Spinninmud said...

If you weren't paying attention what the hell did you post for.
Sometimes you just make it so easy.
Put your feet up and have another peanut butter cup, you've had a hard day.

ksjc said...

is that another broken trek product

s said...

Where cam I get a peanut butter cup?