Friday, May 11, 2007

A ride in the woods with fools

Finally had a good trail ride, hit up Hoyt and the connector and back for some good old trail riding and saw some really funny stuff.
First I saw mister Tony G. and we shot the shit for awhile then I was back on my way, came though the opening at center and saw Tommy S. and Coops main lady on the road, now after that it gets weird funny.
I get to the sh*t stink river and I stop to answer the phone(The wife) and I watch a lady pick-up her 75lbs dog and carry it over the water(if that really is water). Then I see a another girl walk right though the deepest past, sh*t mud right up to her shins, I just had to look and laugh.
I get to the golf course just in time to watch some guy rail his head on the bridge and girl friend laughing so hard see fell in the water, And its not over yet.
Get though the golf course and make it to Hoyt, roll into the BMX track and there are two thirty year old guys smoking dope while sitting on their bikes, I roll though and again just have to laugh. Get to the hill of glass then the river and I almost get T-bones by someone coming down from the tracks. So I ride the river side, in very good shape I must say and head back to the BMX track when I hear a loud crash, when I come up on the track the two dope smokers are both laying in the middle of the track bikes twisted together and moaning in pain, seems they both wanted to hit the middle jump but didn't let each other know about it. One came from the top of the hill and the other from the bottom, by the time they saw each other it was to late.Man I wish I could have seen it. For what I did see it looked like the hit each other mid air, Fu*k that had to hurt, asked if they were ok even know I really didn't care and they both were, Dam.
The rest of the ride was good, saw Mr. TonyG again on the way back , hit the folks house on the way home and then had me a god home cooked meal.


ksjc said...

Randy never passes up a meal, that is how he can buy all those fancy bikes

Jim G said...

This sounds like BS.

Randy wrote:

"then had me a god home cooked meal."

Are we really supposed to believe God is cooking for you? I for one am skeptical.

Anonymous said...

on the 8th day, God created donuts.