Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Part two

E-mail #3

If you think you're somehow better than me as a person, or more important within the sport or MTB community, you're dead wrong.
You're just more experienced, but no more dedicated. You could drop me in seconds out on any trail I'm sure, but it's not real wise to hold it against me that I'm new
There's no place in any avocational club for that.
Well then you should have started out your e-mail post wording that, instead you start out trying to call out someone and end up going after the club that is trying to get more trails and do better things for the trails we already have. You may not have thought you wrote it like that but I will bet thats how a lot of people took it.
You say your not trying to burn me and then you pull that line about my e-mail address, think about it, its a play on words, I'm a mountain biker and I'm sorry you can't figure out the play on words but if you would just lighten up a little you might.
You must think you know who I am because I AM the one who brought up the idea of wood chips ( the guy sitting behind you at the meeting with the little girl) I hate to tell you but no place anywhere in METRO dose it say we have to vote before anything gets done, if trails work needs to be done it gets done point blank.Wood chips were the best thing for the trail, they break down overtime unlike gravel and it helps with getting the water away from the trail.
You may love to mountain bike and thats great, its always great to get more people in to the sport and I applaud you for that but thats it for some thats all it is, a sport. For others like me it is a life style, I've been where you are now, digging around to find the best price or cutting corners to buy cheaper things and if thats what you want to do thats great, because for some people it comes down to money and don't get me wrong I have been there but you have to understand where we come from also.
For most of the guys you see at the meeting we race every weekend, our helmets cost what some peoples bikes do, we ride in planed rides, not a e-mail 20min before you hit the door. We keep up the trails so we have a place to ride, it just so happens it works in the other peoples favor.
Ask Marty sometime how these trails got there? They were always there, I have ridden those trails since I was like eight years old so I guess I'm kind of spoiled with the trails but you need to understand we try to do what is best for the trail.

E-mail #4 (and I hope the last)

"it just so happens that it works out in other people's favor"--Huh??? these trails, even Alpha and to some extent Crystal, are completely on public land and open to the public. No one's ever said any trail pass is necessary to ride in MKE County. And, to ride at Kettle Moraine and other State Forest trails you get the trail pass from the DNR, not you."


Just because they are on public land dose not mean you can just go ride and cut trails where ever you want, the ridge and the tosa trails are the ONLY LEGAL mountain bike trails in Milwaukee, ask Marty, yes you can go ride many other trails but it has taken along time to get these trails to be legal to all riders.
Nate you read way to much into what I write, I try to be honest with you on how I feel and once again you fire back with shit, relax and don't read so much into what people write. I try to let you know the other side of things and you still sit with a fixed view on things. Try to look from the outside in, not everything that people write is meant to be pointed at one person but a view from the edge.
Dude take a chill and have some fun with life, its not who you know or what you do, but what you do with your own life.
Life is short and I have been to the edge and back, yes I take it to heart when some one tries to call me out on the web (and no matter what you say you did try to call me out), I look at it as I would never fire off a e-mail about you and send it to the hole METRO group, I sent it to you straight up with no bull shit. You may feel you did what you needed to do and say but you should be the one to go back and read what you typed, in the end I wrote you to set things straight and to tell you how i felt.
In the end none of this means anything but a bunch of words and peoples thoughts on things, I tried to show you how other people see things so you can take it or leave it.


mountaingoat said...

I can guarantee one thing, I am way better than him as a person and more important in the sport of MTB community. Plus I'm more dedicated.

Although I still don't care about the big Wood Chip Controversy of 07.

sugs said...

Wood dumb ass, you suggested wood chips? That's it no more Tosa trails for you!

The Trail Nazi

Jim G said...

It was so much easier when the trails were illegal.