Thursday, May 10, 2007


Well I hit the time trials and when I say hit I mean hit. Felt good all day, well except for the headache but I popped some FRS chews and it was all good. Got to the ridge around 5:30 whit the wife and the little one and was still feeling good. Did a little ride with Greg D. and I was good to go.
Small group for the field as it was the first race.Gooooooooooo comes out of Al's mouth and we were off but no one went anywhere, so what the hell I'm going, Off I go (My first mistake).
Off the road and onto the grass and I'm in the lead and still push'n hard, a gut from Crank Daddy's comes on the inside and I figure I'll let him pull, ya , I take my eyes off the trail for a split second and I miss the new turn but its OK I'll just go wide. Tire grabs the grove of the old trail, I try to pull and turn and the next thing I know my bars are pointing to the left but my wheel is still going straight.
That's all I see is ground "Shit" this is going to hurt, the bars hit the ground along with me and that's all I can think is cover you head cause I can hear the bike bouncing, well I thought I did.
Hit the grass like a sack of shit, the bike is like 6 feet behind me and I jump to my feet "I'm OK".
Well I thought I was, twist the bars back and try to get my pace going, ya like that's going to work. Called it after a lap and a half, knee was all puffed up and the neck was a little stiff but I figured it was OK, wrong.
Get up this morning and I can't look to the left, everything is sore down to my shoulder. The thing i figured would hurt the must, my knee feels OK. So I figure I try to get to snap and pop Doc. today to see if he can help a little cause I want to ride tonight.



Russell said...

Can anyone else believe that Ramby "Hit the grass like a sack of shit"?

Jim G said...

He must have been Haaaaaauuuuuullllliiiinnnnnnn!!!!!!!!