Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day Ride

Yes we road today and at least our bikes didn't look like this when we were done.(But the face looks like some one I know "BUBBA" )
We started the day at the alpha trail, but as the rain kept coming down ,John and Lynn said lets just go to our house and grill out so off we are. By the time we got there the rain was light and we all jumped on the bikes to head to hoyt and the connector for a little ride.
We got about 3miles in and the rain started but it wasn't that bad, a little slick but ok. So we kicked it out to John and Lynn's and had a good cookout and some of Johns famous home brew.
Sat around and talked for awhile and then it was time to go home, Started to work on the fixie, think I am going to but flat bars on it for awhile and use it for running back and forth to the shop on the weekends. Well time to go to bed. Here are some other pictures from the ride today and a special one of Jay that I didn't even know I took till I looked at them.
SEE YAA ......................................

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Jay said...

Thanks Randy. The ride was fun and the cookoout was a nice way to finish the day. Thanks again.