Thursday, September 07, 2006

Wednesday sting at the ridge

Shit,Shit,Shit those were the words that came out of my mouth as Coop and I were racing at the ridge,
so off the bike, kill the bee but the f'in stinger was still in my arm, so I pull out the stinger and away I go for about 2 miles. Up craters and the arm feels a little like pins and needles. By the time I hit the top the arm is total numb and starting to swell, So off the course I go and back to the van were the wife is sitting and the look on her face was like what the hell. I have her grab the first-aid kit and use some sting stuff and hit it with a cold pack, yank the wedding ring off as the hand is swelling and sit and try to calm down.
Now I have only been stung once before and never had act like this. The arm was still a little sore today but better. I swear what else could happen.
I am looking forward to the 40 next week as it will be my first one,I'm still trying to figure out what gear I will use but I guess I'll bring a few along with some different tires. Looks like we will be leaving early on Thursday morning to try to hit some of the local trails for some fun and then some rest on Friday before we race on Saturday. I hope I don't make a fool out of myself out there.
Well got to go and get some stuff done around here


velodan said...

Why change your s ways now.
I'd run a 33x14.

Ceasar Evil said...

I would not worry about making a fool of your self out there. It's in here you have to worry about.