Sunday, August 06, 2006

No race day

Well it was kind of strange not racing today and not even being at the race but work called and I was on call all weekend, plus I really needed to get some stuff done around the house and spend some time with the wife.
We went for brunch at SAZS this morning (Thanks Tony and Ulla) and it was great, it was nice to spend time with Erica and the food was great. We also got a new fish tank on sat., a 40 gal tank, we had a 27 gal. so today I had to go back to the fish store today because the filter we got didn't work out of the box so I had to go exchange it.
I also got some stuff done I have been putting off , burned some cd's for the girls and finally got to my sisters to put up a light on the garage.
So I guess as bad as I felt not being at the race for the team I still got a lot done.
I also started to look at the calendar and figured I won't do another WORS race again till Rapids,
So I guess I got time.
Just read Pats blog and he posted the cross calendar so I guess I will also have to get the cross bike back together. I decided to make the redline into a singlespeed so I will stay with the one gear thing.


Anonymous said...

how 'bout some periods, guy?

Cooop said...

If you have enough time to play with the skins, you have enough time for an update. Get crackin' chucklehead.

Anonymous said...

When are you going to update this thing, when you race again in October???

Anonymous said...

No race day? No update day either?