Friday, December 15, 2006

What a Friday

WOW, What a day, Tess had one more test today to see if see would have to come home on a monitor, she passed with flying colors.
After we sat with her and waited to talk to the doc to see how everything was going when the nurse came over and said "are we ready to go home" WOW we had a good idea we were going home today but not at 12:00pm in the afternoon.
Well by the time we did all the paper work and got all her stuff packed up it was like 3:00pm, but we were going home.
As I type this Tess is sleeping right next to me and I looked over and thought wow I'm really a Dad now.
Its so awesome to finally have her home. Tomorrow will be a full day, we have a nurse coming to the house to check on Tess at 1:00pm (a hospital rule) and we will have family and friends stopping by all day to see her.
Well better go and get some rest when I still can.
See Yaaaaaaaaaaaa....................


Russell said...

I think it's soooooo cute that you still believe you're a dad.

SugsCandy said...

My Mom thinks Tess is so beautiful, and appreciated you letting her hold her. Same goes for me too!!!

Let da Sugs and I know if you need help decorating a tree tomorrow or if you need help in getting a tree. Since you'll now truely be home enjoying Christmas together with Tessa :) What a nice present!