Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Update=No Update

Well not much happening around here, had a blast at the night race last fri. and it was good to see such a good turn out. Will make the long trip to point next weekend for the Wors stuff and will end up coming right back the same night, I really don't see the need to spend the night as its just a wasted day for Sun. and as the wife is getting bigger everyday I really don't want to be gone over night.
Mommy is in her 27th week and it seems to be flying by, we just got our doctors visits moved from once every 4 weeks to every 2 weeks. That makes it sink in that its getting closer everyday.

Tomarrow is a day of sadness as Candy's Dad died Sunday and tomarrow is the wake, as a kid I lived half a block away from Candy and her family and remember small bits from the past and her Dad. It will be a sad day but to know he had a great life and has many people who knew him and loved him makes things easier for eveyone. Knowing Candy's family you can see all the love they have for him and I will know his memories will be carried on for ever.

See yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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SugsCandy said...

Randy, Time to update....