Saturday, October 07, 2006

Its came and went like the wind

Number 12 is here and the summer went so fast, not a good season for me this year but I had a lot of fun and you just can't beat all the friendships you make thoughout the season.
Just read the Wors board and I guess the track is dry and fast, I guess I'll leave the XR's on for now and see how they run. I made up my mind last weekend I'll run the 18t as the trail got my legs last weekend with the 17t, I think it will be ok, better is the small back to back up hills like roots of all evil and more spin in the tight single in the pines.
I will try to get out of here around 12:00 or so but that's up to the wife, the kid has been really active as of late and she hasn't been feeling very will, not sick just tired so she going to stay home today but she will be there tomorrow.
Don't forget about the cookout after the race, all are welcome, the only rule is bring some type of food to pass.
See yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


sugs said...

Is "will" upset that she hasn't been feeling him very well? Wait...who's "will"? This is so confusing...

rustytoolshed said...

I plan on bringang a dish pass - maybe Jamie. SOme says she's a dish.

Jim G said...

Randy wrote: Its came and went like the wind

Dude, you must have been Haaaaaaauuuuullllliiiiiinnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I had the winds once. My wife made me sleep on the couch

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