Friday, June 30, 2006

On the road to the firecracker

Yes its friday and we are in Eau Claire, it was a really nice ride and the weather up here is great, we figured it would be nice to go up a day early and take our time getting here. We made a few stops on the way and picked up some outfits for the little one to be and Erica and I both got new shoes from the nike outlet, 100.00 shoes for 29.00 , you can't beat it.
The drive up was fast, rollin at around 80 all the way, only saw two cops all the way up but I will bet there will be more tomorrow.
We broke down this race and are staying in a hotel, it is a big change, the van seemed to be empty without all the camping stuff, but the air and a nice bed makes up for it and the dog is in heaven.
I think I'll go to the race site a little later just to look around and see who's all there, I know I'll see Kenny and Shelly and the boys as we passed them on the freeway (twice) on the way up.
Well I'll post more tomorrow on how the trail is.
SEE YA.............................

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