Monday, June 19, 2006


Well what can you say MUD,MUD and more Mud.
But I have to say it was fun even after the crash on the down hill.
Felt really good for the first half and stayed upright on the bike for the most of it
and then came the down hill,I figured I would just unclip one foot just like the last lap, ya like
that worked.
I ended up in like a two foot rut full of water upside down and the leg and the boys not feeling so good(hit the top bar on my way down) but all and all I was glad I didn't DNF.
A little follow up from last week, went to the baby doc and couldn't hear the heart beat yet, but the doc says by next viset for sure.
All is well otherwise, Erica stayed home from work today because she wase't feeling well
I'm thinking the start of morning sickness but she says NO!
So we will just leave it at that.
SEE YA......


ksjc said...

Just tell her to close the bathroom door when she is puking, you are trying to eat breakfast.

Caesar Evil said...

all kidding aside, Good luck and my prayers for the health of your child.

Even Caesar Evil has a soft spot for babies.

TonyG said...

Hope all goes well there with the next Dr. visit.

drop me a line, I need to discuss electricity -- it's almost time

Anonymous said...

you can rent a doppler heartrate monitor and listen to the baby whenever you want, once he/she's old enough.