Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fowarding from Bubba

MEMORIAL DAY RIDE........ ......... .........

How 'bout a Memorial Day MTB ride on the fine trails of Wauwatosa???

The ride shall depart from Casa de Bubba at 11:00am and hit the woods
for a few hour tour of all the places I've been hurting myself lately.
We can lap past my place a few times in case anyone needs to knock off
early. Fast folks, slow folks....We can break into 2 groups if
necessary or the fast guys can wait for me at intersections and other
strategic points.
After the ride, I will be firing up the grill for some backyard
grilling and bullshitting. So load up a cooler with your favorite dead
animal parts and a few drinks and we'll have at it.

Casa de Bubba is located at 3215 N Menomonee River Parkway
Wauwatosa Wi

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bubba said...

Fairly good spelling and punctuation on this blog?

When did that start??