Wednesday, October 31, 2007

This sucks

Well after a good day at work I clear it with the misses and off to the all hallows eve ride I go.
Hit the park by 5:30, have a little to eat and after shooting the shit with some peeps we decide to roll a easy lap. Thing are all good and we hit the lot to pick up more people. We decide to break into two groups and I figure I'll hang with the fast guys as long as I can then tag on to the second group.
I head to the car to drop off my jacket and I look over my shoulder, SHIT, the first group is leaving, I bolt from the car and grab on to tail end.I feel good, Coop,Danny and some other guys are with us and were hanging on. We roll the hole first section and I feel great(thats not normally how it goes) so we hit the BMX track and I take a flyer to the front, Coop cracks a good one about " His one good pull, don't worry he'll pop in a minute", but I didn't I felt good, good enough to keep pushing. We come out of the north side of the trail, I hear OHHHHH, Danny hit a tree(watch it here so we wait and then were off. New guy leading and I'm pulling second, I figure "I know this trail as soon as we hit the open" FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK and over the bars I go.
It all goes slow motion, tuck the head,pull in the arms and slam I hit the ground. As I hit I hear a SNAP from my left shoulder, Try to get up and the pain shoots though my arm.
I finally get up, I can move my shoulder but there's a sharp burning pain, great I broke my collar bone. Everybody asked if I was all right and I say "ya I'm OK" really thinking "I'm Fucked" but not wanting to sound like a baby I try to blow it off.
Coop says " wow that was one of the best over the bars I've ever seen" I come back and ask what I hit, well it comes to be a tree stump FUCKIN STUMP.
I head to the parking lot and get Rick,Marty and Eric"the bald" to give me a hand getting in the car off I go. Head home to get cleaned up before the hospital and I'm in the ER in under 30min from the crash.

Drove to ElmBrook cause I know St. Joes would take forever. In the door and within 20min I'm getting X-rays. Now that took forever, they took like 15 of them and then back to the room to wait for the Doc. He runs me though all the BS and the pulls out the pictures. The top picture is my right shoulder and that is what it should look like but the second one is another story, look at where my collar bone hits the joint, ya not good ,thats called a AC separation and let me tell ya it hurts like hell, so I ask what do we do now and the answer is........... not much, I have to ware a immobilizer for like 7 to 10 days and then have it looked at again.
So I get home, making call all the way(thanks for the calls guys) and I figure, well get your bike shit out of the car and get it into the house and I pick up my helmet and the dam thing is cracked,SHIT i really like that helmet and they don't make it in that color anymore.
Just a great end to a even better day


ksjc said...

time for a little left hand lovin. When that thing comes off it will be a good day to start training for 08

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the cracked ... hope you heal fast!


Anonymous said...

We talked to you when you were in your van turning on swan... Sorry to hear the bad news. So its not broken ?

mountaingoat said...


Spinninmud said...

No not broken, but the way i feel today you would think it is.

mountaingoat said...

Separation can be worse than a break. Don't try to overdo it early.

Jim G said...

That poor stump.

What? What?

It's a joke.

Hope it heals quick. I have a kid doing shoulder rehab at Froedert sports medicine. Good place.

Anonymous said...

Take it easy...waiting is all you can do. If you need a good Doc, PT, and or massage therapist let me know. John healed really fast by resting and seeing the right people.

velodan said...

I told you it was a Separation not not broken right there on hte trail.
that will be $500
Damn I should have let the video run.

drd said...

Being injured is the worst. Good luck in the healing process.

If you need a message or can't go left, I know of a good Asain "rub n tug" over on east side.

vegan said...

That sucks, Randy. I can't imagine having to be off the bike that long or trying to take care of our little guy with only one arm.

TonyG said...

Looks like your ass wiping arm, you are fucked.