Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Labor day up north

Spent the long weekend up at the folks place in the north woods. It was nice and it was also the first time up there with Tess. The weather could not have been better and I even got to do some riding. I hit up this place called"Ravens Woods" right out of Woodruff, it was pretty good but they need some better trail signs as the red loop ends with a sign saying you can not ride past this point due to the DNR rules. Well thats all well and good but then redo the red loop signs.
There were some good single track for where we were but the downhills with the wood water breaks was a feat of descending skills and the new reroute was like a trials ride, very tight and twisty and mostly up hill. The five mile red loop turned into a 14 miles of twisting and turning with some thoughts of " I'm never getting out of here" but after awhile and a lot of back tracking I made it out.
The new bike rode great and the new Hayes brakes kick ass. I will post a picture of the bike soon but the color has to be seen up close to see it change from green to yellow to gold.
See Yaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

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sugs said...

I believe that color is called "groovy greeny". Looks like what I saw hanging from sweet Tess's nose a couple of times.